About Us


Reabe Spraying Service is a family aerial application business dating back to 1945. The business was started by Roy Reabe and began as a flight school and charter flight company in Waupun, WI.  In 1950 Roy decided to expand the business into crop dusting.  He contacted area pea canners and procured enough work to purchase a J-3 Cub and outfit it with a wooden hopper and taught himself to dust.  From those humble beginnings a nationally recognized aerial application company was born.

Over the next 28 years Roy expanded the crop dusting business to fresh market vegetable farms, potato growers, cranberry growers, vegetable canners and freezers throughout the state of Wisconsin.  In 1978 Roy decided to retire and his four sons Tom, JR, Jeff and Bob took over for the 1979 spray season.  While Roy started the company, it was the four brothers that took the service to a new level of professionalism.  They set out to update equipment and facilities, improve record keeping and develop technologies in aerial application to improve efficacy and safety.

In 2009, Tom, the oldest of the four brothers, decided to retire and his son Damon stepped in as President of Reabe Spraying Service.  Then in 2017 Jeff, JR and Bob sold their portion of the business to Jeff's son, Tyler and Curt Meister, a pilot with the company.  Reabe Spraying Service is truly a family business committed to providing exceptional customer service while being responsible environmental stewards.